Marvin Oliver's Christmas message

Central FC star Marvin Oliver, right, controls the ball ahead of North East Stars attacker Kennedy Hinkson in the Final of the 2014 First Citizens Cup.

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Central FC star, Marvin Oliver,  shares a bit with on his plans for the Christmas holidays; a Christmas message to all; and his 2015 ambitions.

Oliver, an intelligent midfielder-turned-defender from San Juan and 2007 TT Pro League Player of the Year, presently leads the Digicel Pro League (DPL) scoring this season with 5 goals from seven matches and has been a valuable asset in coach Zoran Vranes’ squad that leads the standings one point ahead of defending champions and rivals W Connection. The 39-year-old father of five also played a vital role in Central recapturing the First Citizens Cup this season. How do you plan on enjoying the Christmas holidays?

Oliver: It’s going to be pretty quiet for me because as time passed the traditional ways of liming and going to parang and so on, departed a bit. So I plan to spend more time at home with my wife and kids and maybe visit the beach and so on. I would also try to visit close family and friends. Anything special you plan on doing?

Oliver: I hope to maybe prepare a meal sometime during the holidays and distribute to some of the less fortunate. What message would you like to share during this time?

Oliver: I’d like people to remember what this time is really about. To the Christians this is the birth of Christ but it should also be a reminder to all of us to be good people. During this time a lot of people focus on what they want, or what they need. But if people could take half of what’s on their table and share with the needy during this time, then we can really remind ourselves how to be good people. What about your ambitions, on and off the field, for 2015?

Oliver: The goals that I’ve set for 2015 are really high. I want to help Central (FC) win the Caribbean (CFU) Club Championship and reach the Concacaf Champions League. It will be a prestigious step, not just for the players in the club that haven’t played at such levels, but also for Central – a very young club. Attaining the Pro League title again is also a personal goal of mine in 2015. Off the field it’s about being a better person generally. I want to be a better dad, a better husband, God fearing, and a better person to all.