Now Central will Treat Her Like a Lady

Now Central will Treat Her Like a LadyBrent Sancho and Kevon Harrison are at it again. The duo along with Central FC will treat an estimated 150 ladies to a gala evening on Tuesday at the Trinidad Hilton Savannah Terrace.

“Treat Her Like a Lady” as it is themed, is a continuation of the yearly initiative kick-started by Sancho and Harrison in 2010 while at North East Stars to highlight issues affecting women.

In 2010, the event was hosted at the Carlton Savannah Hotel and raised awareness of women affected by domestic violence, while in 2011 the Sangre Grande club showed appreciation for the work carried out by the women of the Rape Crisis Society.

Players and staff of North East Stars cooked, served and dined females to a wonderful evening on both occasions.

Now after a one year break in the series, Sancho, Central FC’s Managing Director, and Harrison, the club’s Operation’s Manager, are preparing for their biggest crowd while raising awareness of the Rape Crisis Society.

“It gives our guys the chance to show that there’s more to them than just football,” said Harrison.

Tuesday’s even will continue with the tradition of players and staff of the club will cook, serve and dine the all female guest list.