Morvant/Caledonia United held by Police

Morvant/Caledonia United Held by Police

Surrounded by the lush green hills of Morvant and under a bright sunlit sky the U18/Reserve teams of Morvant/Caledonia United and Police FC took to the Morvant Recreation Ground in Park Street.

Consistent with their goal of reuniting with their community, Morvant/Caledonia United was for the first time really AT HOME in the Flow Youth Pro League. The Flow flags bellowing in the wind and the snow-cone man on site all made for a great game day. The venue had all the trimmings of what a home game should look like as there were enough stands to accommodate at least 600 people seated, even picnic tables were available. A look at what is to come in the future for the club. However, the approximately one hundred spectators did justice to the occasion, a combination of family, friends, and supporters of the teams.

The whistle tweeted at 4:03 to signal the start to this encounter between what we may call the minnows in the Flow Youth Pro League but it was not short of goal to goal action by both teams.

Police FC showed their intention to arrest Morvant/Caledonia United at home as they strung their passes together as early as the 8th minute of play but at this time they had no warrant for the arrest as it came to a stop in the hands of goal keeper Brandon Calliste of Morvant/Caledonia United. Cali attempted to counter but shared the same fate as their Police rivals. Isaiah Irish of Morvant/Caledonia United had a good chance of giving Cali the lead in the 18th minute of play when he lobbed the ball over the head of Police’s goalkeeper Theon Brown who was way off his line, but he was not able to control his nerves and steered the ball wide of the goal post. Police’s number 60, Gabriel Wiseman got another shot on goal in the 22nd minute which also caught the hands of the goalkeeper. Keither Carter and Anfernee Stokes of Morvant/Caledonia United kept guard as Police FC continued to press, their good defending saw Police being awarded a corner which was nicely taken by #26 Kadeem Riley. The corner got the head of #2 Xavier Wheeler who made it count and saw Police taking the lead in the 25th minute of play and that is how it ended at the sound of the half time whistle.

The restart of play saw Police making four substitutions as coach Richard Hood took out #26 Kareem Riley, #5 Isaiah Thomas, #13 Wendell Joseph and #19 Kyle Thomas and replaced them with # 22 Criston Thomas, # 33 Isaiah Thomas, #40 Dylon King and #8 Isaiah Lamont hoping to bring some change to the match. Morvant/Caledonia United’s coach Sidney Baptiste also made two substitutions at the half as #46 Jirel Maloney was replaced by #30 Dwight Yorke and #64 Anfernee Stokes was replaced by #73 Theon Williams probably with the same hope as coach Hood. It wasn’t too long before Morvant/Caledonia United was able to equalize as in the 47th minute Isaiah Irish was able to penetrate Police’s defence and bring the game on equal footing.

The game continued with both sides making valiant attempts at goal. In the 60th minute it seemed like Cali was about to go ahead as #60 Gabriel Wiseman took a blasting shot at goal however it went way over the top of the goalpost. Cali continued to take shots at goal which were never able to penetrate its target. As the sun began to subside so too did the intensity of the match. At the sound of the whistle that signalled the end of the match both teams were left with one point each as it ended 1-1, but without a doubt while Morvant/Caledonia United was held, Police FC was unable to make an all out arrest.